The Summer Grey

nyc sidewalkers swatch Go down any aisle in the drugstore at this time of year and you'll find an abundance of brightly-colored nail polishes just screaming to be worn. The encouragement for bright pops of color everywhere can be overwhelming this season, but nothing is nicer than rebelling a little with a nice bit of grey. And nothing is better than experimenting with the absence of color... except if you do so with a great-performing, inexpensive polish.

NYC SIDEWALKERS 2 This was the first grey nail polish I've ever used, and I can wholeheartedly say I'm now a believer. There's just something so chic about looking down at your nails and needing to do a double-take. This gorgeous light grey, Sidewalkers by NYC, wore for five consecutive days without showing any signs of chipping. That's pretty amazing for a polish worth $1.99. It's a fantastic find that I can definitely see myself wearing well into the fall and winter.

I've been all about wearing grey lately. What's your go-to color?

Birthday Snapshots: 22

I'm sure you're all extremely intrigued as to what I did for my 22nd birthday, so I'll enlighten you. You'll love it.

The Blogging Toolkit

blogging tools

I love blogging. There, I said it. It started as a hobby, but it soon grew to something that I've become quite passionate about. I've found that regardless of the topic I choose to pursue, I found a love for creating content, scheduling, sharing, researching ways to improve, and oh, the productivity tools. For the curious, I've compiled a list of things I use. Let's get technical, shall we?

It's my Birthday!

cupcake charlie funfetti 2014

No, this really isn't a bragging blog post. I've never been one to religiously count down the days until my birthday, celebrate the whole week, or use my birthday as an excuse to be a butthead. (Last year, I barely even recognized that it was my birthday.)

The Saturday Face

the saturday face products Saturdays are my favorite days of the week. You can get up early with a cup of coffee and watch the sun rise on the deck, read a good book, venture outdoors... or, of course, you can do what I did today: you could sleep in and not even put on real pants.

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